Our Story

Sherry and Jay

We are Sherry and Jay, two married accountants living in Toronto, Canada. Jay is a part-time photographer and I am into interior decoration and always wanted to start my own business.

During the pandemic, I had time in-between jobs and Jay’s photography business was at halt. We decided to combine our passion and create a curated brand that offers affordable luxury and hassle-free shopping experience - OMBRĒ HOME 

We design and source beautiful functional décor pieces and bring them affordably to you with ease. We pay close attention to quality, value, and the people we work with, to ensure our offer is best in class.

We take all the photos ourselves without over-editing, you can be sure what you see is what you'll get. We hope you'll love our pieces as much as we do and we hope to continue bringing luxury décor assessable from our home to yours.

Jay taking picture

Zen 2 incense burner